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Captain Bill Bird

Hi, my name is Bill Bird and I am your host at Loreto Adventures.

I have been hunting and fishing all of my life. After fishing all over the world, I came to Loreto in 2003 and have been fishing the waters off Loreto ever since (with a few excursions to Hawaii, Costa Rica and NZ). Under the guidance of Captain Chino Yee, I have been learning the tricks of fishing the waters off Loreto. The Sea of Cortez offers some of the best deep sea fishing in the world and the waters off Loreto are a huge Marine Park. We have consistent fishing for Yellowtail, Dorado, & Billfish but still have occasional catches of Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, and all the inshore species such as Cabrilla (Sea Bass), Pargo (Snapper), Spanish mackerel, Roosterfish and several other species. While we primarily target the offshore species, we will fish inshore when the conditions are right. We provide the finest equipment and boats for the type of fishing we have in Loreto and offer the best “stand up” fight you can get.

I have personally caught more Yellowtail and Dorado than I can count. My record for Billfish is five (5) in one day and, in 2009, I caught a 400+ pound Black Marlin. This is the largest Marlin I have caught but I have seen several Marlin in the Sea of Cortez that were much larger. Billfish are my passion and love the sound of a reel singing after a hard strike.


Captain Chino

Captain Chino Yee has been fishing the Sea of Cortez for over 40+ years. He has captained everything from a 52’ luxury cruiser to an 18’ panga and from the Sea of Cortez to the waters off Panama and Costa Rica. He has more knowledge of the water, structures and fish in the Sea of Cortez than anyone I have every fished with. Chino can read the water and knows when, how, and where to fish. He spots Billfish at incredible distances and presents the bait to them so they can’t resist. He is patient and a good teacher. His English is almost perfect. You will be amazed to learn that he is self taught and took on the task of teaching himself to speak English only 10+ years ago. You will not find a better guide. He has the knowledge, experience, demeanor and skills to make your fishing experience both successful and fun.
I am still amazed at how accurate he is at telling you what type of fish is on the line when you are fishing the reefs at 200+ feet in depth. Most of the time, he can tell you within the first couple of minute what you have on just by the way the fish reacts. It takes great knowledge and skill. Chino has both.


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